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Our History

In 1997 a group of Chicago’s leading African American artists and arts organizations came together and formed a new organization; incorporated as the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago. This organization embraced the history of the original 1977 Chicago Black Theater Alliance while expanding their scope to include diverse groups of artistic mediums which included theaters, dance companies, literature, visual and technical & design arts organizations, and individuals.

The AAAA is a non-profit service organization dedicated to promoting the performing, visual, literary, technical and design art forms! For almost 30 years, the Alliance has worked to increase the interaction, communication and collaboration within the Black Arts community to promote the continuing development of organizations and individual artists. With support from our advocates, artists and member organizations, the Alliance will continue to nurture the positive images of our members.


The Alliance is a reference and resource for our membership, media, advocates and friends for all Black Arts in Illinois. The Alliance is boldly stepping into 2021 with new vigor to engage our members, partnering arts organizations, individual artists, and businesses to help us identify the needs that the Alliance can provide and the community needs.

Board of Directors

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