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The Black Excellence Awards

The Black Excellence Awards, a lavish awards ceremony honoring outstanding artists and arts organizations in the categories of music, film, literature, theater, dance, visual arts, and technology is produced by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago. The mission of the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago, a service organization, is to increase interaction, communication and development of African American arts organizations and individuals while delivering programs that increase their visibility, marketability, stability, and sustainability. The Black Excellence Awards is a major program of the African American Arts Alliance. For more information on the Black Excellence Awards contact

2022 Black Excellence Awards

The Black Excellence Committee


The Black Excellence Committee is a committee of the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago. Formed in 2001, the purpose of the Black Excellence Committee is to identify outstanding African American individuals and organizations working in the arts. The membership of each committee is made up of art lovers within the Chicago community.
Each committee member must serve on a sub-committee.

The Sub-committees:








Each sub-committee must identify and nominate artists for the opportunity to receive a Black Excellence Award at the Annual Black Excellence Award Gala. Each sub-committee has judging criteria specific to their art form. To serve on the Black Excellence Committee you must have a passion for the arts and the time to experience the work of as many artists and art organizations as possible within your category. There are 33 members of the Black Excellence Committee. Members are art lovers and supporters from the Chicago community. If you are interested in serving on the Black Excellence Committee for more information.

The Black Excellence Awards Committee Members

Tanita Abrahamson

Mike Abrantie

Alan Davis

Ernson Augustin

Allan Baldwin

Ezra Brown

Pamela Brown

Marcus Bullock

Hilda Coleman

Sylvia Dyer

Erika Flowers

Sandra Gibson

Wilburn Green

Barbara Hayes

Valeria Hubbard

Jewel Ifeguni

Ivy Jackson

Elneda Khaan

Denise Leaks

Ronald Leveston

Claudette Lewis

Portia McFarland

Barnetta Montgomery-McKinney

Lynette Moore

Alicia Moore

Rahsaan Clark Morris

Kim DuBoise Morris

Delaware Patricia

Mae Pearson

Troy Pryor

Alice Rivers

Pamela Roberts

Dara Sanders

Gwendolyn Sea

Bonnie Taylor-Williams

Gabrina Thornton

Scott Tia

Covana Washngton

David Weathersby

Etta Williams

Wanda Young

Roxanne Walton

For more information on the African American Arts Alliance contact

2021 Black Excellence Awards.

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