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The Black Excellence Awards were established in 2001 to honor the outstanding artistic accomplishments of Black artists across genres, including theater, dance, music, film, literature, visual art, and digital media. The submission period is now open, welcoming submissions from individuals, organizations, and producing affiliates.


The 2024 Black Excellence Awards submission deadline is September 1, 2024. Please email us if you can provide tickets to your event so the Black Excellence committee members can adjudicate. For consideration please complete the submission form.

Email us if you have questions regarding your submission.

*You can submit work under three categories: individual, organizational, and producing affiliate. Producing affiliates are organizations that are not Black-led or Black-owned or primarily focus on or highlight black stories or feature Black artists but whose programming includes and features Black stories or Black artists. Please note that only the specific works created by, led by, or featuring Black artists can be considered for the Black Excellence Awards.


The Black Arts & Culture Alliance of Chicago celebrated the 23rd annual Black Excellence Awards on Monday, November 6, 2023. The Black Excellence Awards were established to honor Black artists' outstanding works of art in Theater, Dance, Music, Film, Literature, Visual Arts, and Digital Media communities.

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