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There is no doubt that African Americans have made huge, and invaluable artistic contributions to American arts and cultural scene and we have had enormous imprint on the Chicago artistic landscape. From the South Side Community Art Center to Jackie Taylor’s Black Ensemble Theater to Kerry James Marshall and Naomi Beckwith, Chicago has more than its share of artistic giants. The African American Arts Alliance is the membership organization that supports them all. 

The African American Alliance of Chicago members are Arts organization’s leadership and staff, individual artists and arts advocates, together help sustain and support the growth of the Black arts community in Chicago.


 The Alliance’s Membership supports the performing arts, visual, literary, technical and design community with capacity building workshops for organizations, financial literacy for artists, arts programming and auditions, mentorships and awards for Black excellence in the arts.  

Individuals and organizational memberships with the Alliance offer:

  • Capacity Building & Marketing Workshops for Arts Organizations staff

  • Financial Literacy & Mentoring for individual artists.

  • Annual Town Hall for Members (Member led topics)

  • Networking opportunities for Arts Leaders to interact and collaborate.

  • Annual Black Excellence Awards qualification and submissions

  • Annual Martin Luther King Celebration

Membership Tiers 

Organization Membership


Art organizations that promote or produce Black artistic expression in any arts discipline, including but not limited to performing arts, visual art, literary art, technical and design. Organizations must be in Illinois or provide a forum for Black artistic expression in the Chicago area for a significant portion of the year. Member organizations can submit organizational work and qualify for the Black Excellence Awards and staff representation at the Annual Town Hall.



Individual Artist Membership


Individuals working as an artist in Illinois. Individual artists can submit work and qualify for the Black Excellence Award and representation at the Annual Town Hall.


Advocate Membership


Individuals that advocate and support Black artistic expression in Illinois. Advocates receive invitations and admission discounts on all programs and special events.


Students/Seniors Memberships


Students and/or senior citizens that advocate and support Black artistic expression Illinois.  Students provide a copy of college or high school ID for discount.

Our Members


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