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Executive Director Search

We are excited to announce our search for an Executive Director has begun! We welcome this next step in our transformation as we look toward the future of the Black Arts and Culture Alliance of Chicago. Whether you would like to refer a potential candidate or learn more about the role, as you may be considering applying, it's important to know what we are looking for and more about the process.

As we embark on this search for an Executive Director, we seek an individual who possesses a strong background in arts and culture and embodies our values of inclusivity, empowerment, and community. Our ideal candidate will have a demonstrated track record of building meaningful partnerships and fostering collaboration within the Black arts community. They should be passionate about centering Black voices and experiences and committed to advancing equity and justice through their work. 

In addition to the qualities and qualifications we are seeking in our new Executive Director, we want to emphasize our commitment to transparency and communication throughout the hiring process. We want to ensure that all candidates feel informed and supported every step of the way. Whether you have questions about the role, the application process, or anything else related to the search, our team at Creative Evolutions is here to help. We welcome your input and feedback and are dedicated to making this process as smooth and transparent as possible for all involved.

We believe that the selection of our new Executive Director will impact not only the future of BACA but also the broader Black arts and culture community in Chicago. We are excited about this process and look forward to identifying the visionary leader who will guide us toward a future of growth, innovation, and continued impact.


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